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Metamorphosis Welcomes You

Our Story

Introducing Metamorphosis

"Don't grow up - it is a trap."  These magical words opened up a connection that has lasted through the ages. When souls that have lived thousands of experiences see the light in the eyes of a kindred spirit, there is a connection. That is the way it was for us. Our connection was immediate and the desire to work together for a greater good was already in each of us. It is with deep conviction that we know in our hearts that we are connected through time and space.

We live and work in different places. Hazakyah is in The North Coast of the Dominican Republic, Kimberly lives in Canada, and Michal in Israel, but our hearts work as one to bring peace to the places we live. Providing support and companionship around the world, we work together in special ways. Our efforts are varied, from healing to teaching, training and communications, but the common thread is the concern for the world where we live and a desire to bring support and happiness to our environments.


We have created this website as a place to share our stories and connect with others who are on a similar path. Each of us work in our own way to bring strength, comfort, and peace to those around us through GROWTH, CHANGE and ACTION. This is the core of our work - to work with individuals and communities to bring about a Metamorphosis, releasing what is needed to bring happiness and support to our lives.

Our Approach


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Throughout our lives we are presented with opportunities to grow. It is our decision to accept the opportunity in each step we take and to grow in a way that makes us happy. Growth is a lifetime journey and at times we need support to ensure our growth is in the right direction.



Growth means change, and we are here to help you face that change in a positive way, allowing you to grow in life and remain happy. Change is inevitable. Everything changes. What we can control is how we respond to change, seeing the positive in the world around us and embracing the changes that help us grow.


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Action is essential for change. To embrace action is to take ownership of your being. By doing this, we are opening the opportunities to grow. Actions done randomly without a plan will sometimes leave you feeling confused, but with guidance in the response to change, actions can give us control over the changes.

"If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living."


Gail Sheehy

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