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Boxing with Hazakyah

A recent trip to the Dominican Republic gave me the opportunity to check in on the work of Hazakyah Hardy-Dia in Cabarete, DR.

Hazakyah works with tourist and locals alike, providing training from the local gymnasium - Love Fitness. All of his students have begun with the experience of watching this man train and all report that this inspired them to approach him for lessons.

Working with tourists, Hazakyah excels at setting goals for the time they spend together and focusses on getting it done! Chris Lowe explains how he identified Hazakyah as a coach and has been working with him for just over a week, while on vacation in the DR. He wants some new moves to share with his friends back in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Marianna, another student talks about life lessons gained through boxing. For this woman, a mother of two, living in Cabarete, boxing has brought her back to her family, by giving her focus and energy that lasts through the day.

Hazakyah works with each student, providing direction and motivation. These students work together to train with Hazakyah and after just a couple of lessons, they are showing confidence and skill that Hazakyah has pulled out of them.

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