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Breaking News!!! - EVENT POSTPONED Fight Date confirmed for Hazakyah and Danny - APRIL 30th, 2022!

Updated: May 13, 2022

The Cabarete Boxing Club, through the amazing leadership of Su Incredbl (SU Boxeo), along with the Puerto Plata Amateur Boxing Association, represented by Alex "Coach Ruddy" Almonte Fernandez have brought together some of the North Coast's finest boxers in a showcase not to be missed. On Saturday April 30th, starting at 5:00 the Guerra en el Callejón will begin. And, it will not be over until the final fight of the night sees two of the North Coast's finest professional boxers square off in a rematch of the historic 2016 Sosua fight, between Hazakyah "The Hebrew Warrior" Hardy-Dia and Danny "The Bull" Garcia where these two formidable athletes fought through to the end of the fight where a judge's decision saw Hazakyah maintain his incredible LIFETIME undefeated record! At 65 years of age, Hazakyah has never stopped training, and his lifestyle is testament to his commitment to raise up higher and higher in all that he does. "I live ready," Hazakyah explains, "everything I do can be made into sport and I come ready to play!" Hazakyah, has called the North Coast home for a number of years now and has been active in the community here, working with youth and adults he has impacted many lives by sharing his love of fitness, music and life! No other amateur or professional has boxed beyond the age of 59. At 65 Hazakyah is seeking to defend his undefeated record. This fight will be historical! Don't miss out, for the excellent price 100 pesos (before 6:30) and 200 pesos (after 6:30). Exclusive ringside seats (limited numbers) are available at 1,000 pesos.

Metamorphosis is a proud supporter of Hazakyah in this fight, and in all of his efforts. We are pleased to be joined by Energym Cabarete and with helping Hazakyah get to this historical moment in boxing!

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Contact Coach Ruddy, Coach Hazakyah and the rest of the Boxing club by visiting their Facebook page here.

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