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Fight Night Results - June 4th, 2022 saw a rematch of the historic 2016 fight with Danny Garcia

Danny won.

And with those words, a legacy was ended. Sure, Coach Ruddy claimed it was a “lucky shot,” but that is what we depend on in boxing. Getting lucky, landing a punch while your opponent is doing everything to avoid it. And Danny did it. Good for him!

The fact is that the training and the results of the training are still here. And after that moment. That moment where Danny won. After that moment. Hazakyah won too.

The fight was over, but the fight never left Hazakyah. In the days leading up to the fight, he trained, he worked in union with the land, he dug through rock, he moved mountains, and he planted hundreds (yes hundreds) of trees. This is the legacy of the fight Saturday night. And this is the legacy that Hazakyah has to share with the world as he returned home.

Come see the Metamorphosis, the story of how people learn to live in nature on the side of a hill on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. Look at the results, making a man ready to step into the ring to defend his undefeated title, making a man capable of fighting years after other boxers would have hung up their gloves. Making a man who will do it all over again, only because he loves it. The match may be over, but the story continues.

Congratulations to Danny, The Bull, Garcia for his efforts leading up to this victory. He set his mind to a goal and he met it with a resounding success. And to Hazakyah, who has always had bragging rights in our hearts, we know that your work will continue, and the ring awaits your return.

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