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Nobody can isolate you from your connection to the spirit.

Writing from three different countries, all experiencing isolation due to the Covid19 outbreak. We meet every day or two to share our thoughts and insights.

Hazakyah and Esperansa are cleansing the soul and body with fasting, diet and exercise. From Israel, Michal is experiencing isolation in a community, connecting to her friends and family in the only way possible; her efforts to bring peace and happiness are never ending, and the internet is an amazing tool. Kimberly is busy in Canada helping out where she can, and trying to keep lines of communications open with friends and family in the Ottawa area.

As we meet up to share our experiences among friends we talk of the impact that this virus is having on our communities and selves. This is a time of renewal.

The Corona Virus is a wakeup call, we can never be isolated from our connection to the spirit and this connection is bringing comfort, happiness and relaxation. These are states of mind that prevent illness from coming in. Everything that comes, comes to help us grow and wake us up. It is time to wake up with this connection that we have. It is time to clean out what is preventing us from connecting to the spirit. This requires looking at ourself in a clear way. Most people fear looking in, but we need to understand that everything is in us - the worst and best, but by accepting it, we have no more fear. The thing is to absorb without emotion, just see what is inside.

Each person needs support for this process. As a guide in this process, Michal sees that many times what is holding us back is deeply rooted in our past lives or in our destinies. Her skills and talents are on offer by phone and Whatsapp during this time of isolation. See below for all of our contact information.

We all need help.

Once we wake up to this fact, then what is next? Look for what fits for you, find it, use it and reach out for this help.

MICHAL can be reached at +972 52-383-2306 on WhatsApp or here on Facebook.

KIMBERLY can be reached at +1 613 809 6821 on WhatsApp or here on Facebook.

HAZAKYAH can be reached here on Facebook.

And as a special bonus, for those who know Hazakyah, they know this treat - the peanut butter and banana shake...

Hazakyah's Peanut Butter and Banana Milk Shake (a nontoxic fun shake)

2 heaping tablespoons of oatmeal covered in water, let it sit for 2 minutes until it softens.

2 heaping tablespoons of fresh peanut butter*

2 drops vanilla flavouring (just a little, be careful with the strength)

2 ripe bananas (the riper the better!)

1 heaping tablespoon of molasses

milk or whatever kind of milk alternative you use, just to cover the ingredients

Blend well in a blender.

Add more milk to 36 oz mark in the blender.

Sweeten to taste with honey, agave, maple syrup etc.

Makes 36 fluid ounces

*take some peanuts (or any other nut) and put them in water, let them soak until they are soft (2 to 4 hours), blend them up to make your own nut butter.

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