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dispossess (verb)

⦁ deprive (someone) of land, property, or other possessions.

Similar: strip, rob, cheat out of, do out of, deprive

I am a descendant of the biblical Hebrew Israelites. My documented bloodline runs through the Ashantis. My being a true descendant of the biblical Hebrew Israelites does not help my status in my home country of Israel. In fact the opposite is true. My "black" skin leaves me (and others like me) on the fringes of society. This is absurd to say the least and the time has come to put it to an end. The true descendants of the biblical Hebrew Israelites have had our identity stolen, we have been dispossessed of our lands, and to add massive insult to immeasurable injury, the world is being manipulated, pillaged and destroyed in our name. This E-book is a compilation of some of the evidence I plan to use to bring charges and to make my case in the International Criminal Court (ICC), and in the court of public opinion. Those who support this effort need please share this document along with this introduction.

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