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Three people, three stories, converging occasionally in the Dominican Republic, to renew, to refresh and to plan the next steps of our journey.

Our meeting was magical, Kimberly traveled to the Dominican for a second vacation there. Sitting poolside at her hotel was this amazing individual named Hazakyah, who had met her traveling companion the year before.  What started as a polite and quick chat turned into a three week long conversation about the world and our roles in it. The need to focus on the positive and to really examine our lives to determine what path we are following.

It was not long before Michal was added to the mix, via the Internet. Once again, the connection with Kimberly was immediate and steadfast. Hazakyah and Michal had known each other for years, working together in Israel and in the Dominican Republic. Together they brought music, art and language to their communities, creating a lasting impact.

Over the next two years many projects were discussed and planned. A gathering of the three of us, held in the summer of 2017, our New Beginnings, brought us together to enjoy the space and time of a working vacation. We planted seeds for future work, meeting people in the Dominican Community and finding purpose for our work together.

2018 saw us undertake a major effort to build a community centre near the Camu River, in the Dominican Republic, in a rural community.  We were able to raise a small Casita (gathering place) and had some wonderful interactions in the community. But it was not meant to be. Circumstances changed and the project was left in the hands of the community there, but the lesson was learned.


And now we have established ourselves in a new community, located in the mountains around Sosúa, Puerto Plata, in the Dominican Republic. Learn here about the development of Metamorphosis West here through our webpage, and join us on our journey of sharing experiences in Growth Change and Action.

Give us a call, or drop us an email. We are all connected and we are here to help.

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