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Michal Rosenbaum

Michal was born and raised in Israel. With a deep understanding of herself and the world she lives in, she strives everyday to bring peace in a world filled with conflict. Using her training as an educator and healer, Michal provides individual and group sessions in Israel, and via the internet. Her meditations and guided imaginations will take you on an inner journey that will change you world, if you are willing to do the work. 

With training in the following areas: Anthroposophical Education, Master Reiki, Previous incarnations treatment, Guided Imagery, Channeling, Creation frequencies (Tools of the New Age), and Energy flushing according to Dr. Nader Bhutto; Michal brings a wealth of knowledge to provide counselling and coaching to people of all ages.

Using the gift of channeling, Michal is able to open up communications with spirit guides to help answer questions that may be plaguing you. And her command of the energies that surround us is central to the gift she has for treating ailments that range from the physical to the emotional and spiritual.

A gifted artist and creator, much of her work includes the opportunity for expression in various forms. Recognizing that not all are the same, her gift to know what is needed in a specific situation is extraordinary. 

As a cofounder of Nature Within, Michal has helped prepare a six-week course of studies to help individuals and groups renew their connection to nature, regardless of where they live. Her own connection to nature and imagination guides much of her work and her own personal philosophy.

To reach Michal personally, you can email her here to book a session.

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