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Boxing is integral to the development of Metamorphosis. The early days in Sosua, following Hazakyah's unprecedented victory in a professional fight, were rich with plans and ways to support the development of boxing on the North Coast. Now, with clubs in both Sosua and Cabarete, the inclusion of non-native Dominicans in competitive boxing, the stage is set for Boxing to continue to be an important part of all our lives.

Nature Within


Nature Within is a program where you are invited to explore your inner connection to nature. Regardless of where you are, you can feel a connection to nature, whether it be a blade of grass or a field of grass, we are connected. Guided Imaginations by Michal Rosenbaum blend with the exercises in journaling, reflection and art prepared by Kimberly Thomas. Join us on this 6 week journey to connect with Nature Within.

Metamorphosis East


Michal lives in Israel, and it is here the Metamorphosis East is developed. Michal has created a home that is a refuge to fellow travellers and a place for great healing. Visits to Metamorphosis East can always be virtual, as Michal offers her healing arts to the world via the Internet. Metamorphosis is in your heart.


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Photoclub by Photochik (Kimberly) began in the spring of 2021 and will continue to meet again in the autumn of 2022. The club is an online group that meets weekly to share photo tips and images together. For more information or to register to become a member of the Photoclub contact Kimberly.

Metamorphosis West

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In the mountains of the Dominican Republic, on the North Shore, in the town of Sosúa, in the section called Mariposa Heights, there is a house. This house is co-owned by the members of Metamorphosis. It is in itself a metamorphosis, transforming from a leaky shack with holes in the roof and walls, to a beautiful, shining example of what can happen when one respects the land that we are on. Watch here for videos and pictures of the transformation and for your chance to visit Metamorphosis West.


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Michal got a message from her Spirit Guide, telling her to open small groups and to provide Guidance for Conscious Change. Change from the old consciousness of pain, drama and anger, in preparation for the new consciousness of easiness and happiness. She will do this by introducing new tools to your daily life. Each meeting will depend on the participants for direction, for it will be through their questions that Michal will respond to, using channelling to provide direction for conscious change. Click here to register.

The cost per session is $45. Each session is limited to four participants, to ensure that each person connects with their guidance.

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