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Heaven on Earth - a reflection on peace

Michal and I spent a long time on the phone this morning talking about living in this chaotic world and at the end of our discussion, we both shared reflections that we had found online that really had become touchstones for us as we attempt to live in this world and bring peace wherever we go. I felt that we should share them here, as a reflection on the actions we take each day to bring peace to the world.

What we came to in our discussion was that taking a stand against something is argumentative and not supportive at all. We both feel that letting our own lights shine from within, setting an example of a life lived in peace, making heaven on earth is a priority, and one that is captured in these writings we are sharing.

Kimberly found Sarah online one day, shared through social media. @SarahZula is the author of this beautiful piece, and we have used the magic of Google to translated it into Hebrew.

This reflection has become a daily reading for Kimberly, who uses it to remind herself of the

need for people to bring about heaven on earth.

At the same time, Michal, who is living in a country at war, shared her reading from Osho. He was a Hindi mystic who broke with tradition in emphasizing a personal form of spirituality, and he wrote this piece, which has been translated into many languages.

איש שלום אינו פציפיסט,

איש של שלום הוא פשוט בריכה של שקט

הוא מזרים סוג חדש של אנרגיה לעולם,

הוא שר שיר חדש.

הוא חי בצורה חדשה לגמרי;

עצם אורח החיים שלו הוא של חסד,

של תפילה,

של חמלה.

בכל מי שהוא נוגע,

הוא יוצר יותר אנרגייה של אהבה.

איש השלום הוא יצירתי.

הוא לא נגד מלחמה

כי להיות נגד כל דבר

זה להיות במלחמה

הוא לא נגד מלחמה,

הוא פשוט מבין,

למה קיימת מלחמה

ומתוך ההבנה הזו

הוא הופך לשקט.

רק כשיהיו הרבה אנשים

שהם בריכות של שלום,

שקט והבנה,

המלחמה תיעלם.

- אושו, זן- דרך הפרדוקס

A man of peace is not a pacifist,

A man of peace is simply a pool of silence

Who infuses a new kind of energy into the world,

He is singing a new song.

He lives in an entirely new way;

His very way of life is one of kindness,

of prayer, of compassion

for everyone he touches,

It creates more energy of love.

The man of peace is creative.

He is not against war

Because to be against anything

It is to be at war

He is not against war.

he just understands

Why there is a war?

And from this understanding

He becomes quiet.

Only when there are a lot of people

which are pools of peace,

silence and understanding,

The war will disappear.

- Osho, Zen - the way of the paradox

And so at the end of our conversation, we both set out to do just this - create a piece of heaven on earth through our writings and sharing online.


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