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Stop, Think about it, Take action

Debunking the myths, and learning how to exploit the benefits of "setbacks"

By former prison lifer Choihibou Kazakiyah Hardy Dia (Hazakyah), M.A.

Sociologist, Lifestyle Coach, Motivational Speaker, Mental Health Counselor

"Misunderstandings and human conflict are not rooted in what we think about others or how others think about us, nor even in how we think about ourselves. Rather they're rooted in how we think." Hazakyah

Choihibou Kazakiyah Hardy Dia, better known by his stage name "Hazakyah", was the last (and "favorite") of the three children born to Lilia Gertrude (Smith) Hardy. She was well known, and highly respected for her keen psychic abilities and social activism. On September 7, 1956, one week after having arrived in New York via boat from France with her first two children in tow (but separated from the father), and then having made her way to her sister's house in Detroit, she gave birth at Herman Kiefer to a child she named Challioux Cheron Hardy. The name was part of her conspiracy to raise a child who would be different from everyone else, and who go on to one day change the world.

Hazakyah's life can be divided into three broad phases: pre-prison, prison, and post-prison. However, a common theme runs through all phases of Hazakyah's life: standing out (being different), and pioneering achievement. At this point in his life Hazakyah is best known for his work and activities as an English teacher and teacher trainer, as a boxer and sports & fitness trainer, and as a musician/performer.

However, Hazakyah has gained mastery and experience, and has made notable achievements internationally in many fields: academics, book writing and editing, journalism, martial arts, mental health and drug & alcohol counseling, the military, music production, social activism, sports & fitness, vocational trades, and most importantly: rehabilitation.

Hazakyah's presentations and coaching activities are rooted in universal principles and simple wisdom; refresher courses in "Life and Living 101". After over 62 years of interacting, experiencing and learning from so many diverse peoples and profound situations, he has become well-practiced at helping and guiding others to get more of what they really want out of life. Hazakyah's stories and interventions are especially helpful for anyone struggling to make sense of the world, or who wants to bring about positive changes in their life now.

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